Stc 312010

parliament of catalonia

4. By letter registered on October 6, 2006, the President of the Congress of Deputies informed the Court that, even though the Chamber would not appear in the proceeding nor would it make allegations, it would make available to the Court any proceedings it might require.

By letter registered at the Court on October 11, 2006, the President of the Senate communicated that the Chamber would not appear in the proceeding and offered its collaboration for the purposes of art. 88.1 LOTC.

6. On the same date of the lawsuit, July 31, 2006, the Commissioner of the appellant Deputies filed a brief promoting the recusal of the Judge of this Court Mr. Pablo Pérez Tremps, on the grounds that he was involved in the causes of recusal 6, 10, 13 and 16 of art. 219 LOPJ, in relation to art. 80 LOTC.

By order of November 7, 2006, the Plenary agreed to open the corresponding separate recusation piece, to appoint Judge Mr. Javier Delgado Barrio as Instructor of the incident, and Judge Mr. Jorge Rodríguez-Zapata Pérez as Rapporteur of the same, suspending, in accordance with art. 225.4 LOPJ, the course of the main proceedings.

estatut 2006 constitutional court

The appeal begins with the exposition of the criteria followed for the organization of the contested allegations, which, starting from the concept of statutory reserve, focus on the examination of the matters in respect of which the contested precepts would incur in an excess of the functions of the statutory rules or in the substitution and usurpation of constitutional powers that correspond to the state legislator, to then stop in the particularized challenge of each of the articles in which such defects of unconstitutionality would concur. In addition to these two main grounds for challenge, the appeal also includes challenges referring to constitutional approaches to the Statute and to specific precepts of the same that deserve specific analysis. The exposition of the background of the present proceedings will follow the outline of the claim, which has also been observed by the State Counsel and by the Catalan Government and Parliament, grouping the allegations of the parties around a section of general considerations, which will be followed by the specific examination of the different precepts appealed, ordered according to the title of the Statute in which they are integrated. A) General considerations

the constitutional

A democracy becomes a prisoner of scientism (or constructivist rationalism) when its institutions are incapable of restraining groups of radical leaders who try to impose the re-foundation of society by means of positive law.

Article 14 of the Constitution states: «All citizens are equal before the law, without any discrimination on the grounds of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion or any other personal or social condition or circumstance». However, STC 31/2010 legitimizes the current status quo, marked by the secessionist politicians’ attack on equality before the law: there are first, second and third class citizens, depending on their attitude (support, silence or rejection) to positive law and nationalist administrative acts.

Interventionist laws such as the Statute, with their freedom-restricting regulations, attack the respect due to citizens, their feelings and particular decisions in matters such as family, language, culture or education, and erect regulatory barriers that coerce the extensive and complex order of cooperation that establishes free interaction, trade and entrepreneurship.

estatuto de autonomía de cataluña

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