Ley 132005 de 1 de julio

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The consequence of this constitutional guarantee of marriage is that the legislator may not disregard the institution, nor fail to regulate it in accordance with the higher values of the legal system, and with its character as a right of the person based on the Constitution. It will be the law that develops this right, within the margin of options opened by the Constitution, which, at each historical moment and in accordance with its dominant values, will determine the capacity required to contract marriage, as well as its content and legal regime.

History shows a long history of discrimination based on sexual orientation, discrimination that the legislator has decided to remove. The establishment of a framework of personal fulfillment that allows those who freely adopt a sexual and affective option for persons of the same sex to develop their personality and their rights in conditions of equality has become a demand of the citizens of our time, a demand to which this law tries to respond.

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